Clear Temporary Files From C Drive

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  • Xes Temporary Files Cleaner 2.5

    This program is absolutely free. Feel free to use, share and distribute. The user of this software is liable for any damage or loss of work caused by
  • Clean-Up Temporary files 3.116

    Clean-Up Temporary Files in Temp Folders very easy to use, the number of files and folders in the Temp folders... Can delete files in Windows\Temp
  • Temporary Files Cleaner 1.0

    This automatically clears the Temporary Files, files that are no longer
  • Temporary Internet Files Cleaner 1.2

    Delete Cookies is security software to remove all the traces of your online and offline activity: Internet Explorer cookies and cache, history, typed
  • Automatically Delete Temporary Files Software 7.0

    this software has ability to delete temporary files at specific intervals automatically. You can set it to occur after every 1 hour, 4 hours, day,
  • Clear Files 2.7

    Clear Files 2.7 is released to be a comprehensive and useful software which has option to select and delete the following on manual or schedule basis:
  • Clear Duplicate Files 4.71

    Clear Duplicate Files - with the software, Recommended by Microsoft(R) Corporation as the best tool to clear file duplicates from both home and office
  • Recover USB Drive Files

    USB drive data restoration software is compatible with Windows and supports all type of USB drives like USB pen drive, Flash drive, Flash disk, Thumb
  • Restore Pen Drive Files

    Data Doctor Pen drive restoration tool restores deleted files folders from formatted thumb drive. Retrieval tool retrieves deleted word, excel, power
  • USB Drive Files Recovery Ex

    USB pen drive files recovery software retrieves corrupted or undetected files, folders, digital photos, video clips, photographs, text file, word
  • Restore USB Drive Files

    Pen Drive Memory stick data recovery software is safe, easy, Non-Destructive and Read-only removable USB drive data recovery software that undelete
  • Pen Drive Files Recovery 2.2

    It Recovers all deleted FILEs & DATA Of PEN Drive,FLASH Memory & all MEMORY cards. It Recovers all deleted files of Pen drive & all types
  • Recover Pen Drive Files 2.0

    Want to recover pen drive files? Try pen drive data recovery software which uses advanced techniques to retrieve lost pen drive files & folders from
  • FAT Drive Files Recovery

    The inclusive FAT Drive Files Recovery software lets users to easily repair deleted file folder from formatted or corrupted windows file systems that
  • USB Drive Files Recovery

    USB Drive Files Recovery is software that offers the advantage to recover misplaced and damaged files and documents from storage device and to restore
  • Recover Files From SSD Drive

    Recover Files from SSD drive - with the data recovery software, recommended by Microsoft(R) corp. This program can recover data from SSD drive,
  • Pen Drive Files Recovery Software

    Pen drive, Memory stick data recovery software is safe easy and Non-Destructive read-only utility. Utility can recover restore lost deleted formatted
  • USB Flash Drive Files Recovery

    Have you ever deleted some important files from your USB Flash drive? Whether they were pictures or songs, this can be quite a frustrating experience.
  • USB Drive Files Salvage Software

    USB pen drive data recovery solution is safe, easy and non-destructive tool. USB key drive data undelete software can easily recover lost data without
  • Pen Drive Files Restoration Tool

    USB pen drive data retrieval software is easily understandable by non-technical and technical users and provides solution for how to rescue and backup
  • Thumb Drive Files Recovery

    Thumb drive data salvage program recovers files folders from corrupted or formatted pen drive lost due to virus attack, accidental deletion or drive
  • 001Micron USB Drive Files Recovery

    USB key chain thumb drive data recovery utility restore inaccessible or not detected photo files format. USB removable media data restoration software
  • Pen Drive Files Rescue Tool

    USB jump drive files rescue tool is non destructive data recovery application to restore and recover all your important data lost from any Kind of
  • USB Drive Files Rescue Software

    Pen drive lost files recovery software recover deleted or damaged Microsoft Office word, access, excel, PowerPoint, documents. Undelete tool is a
  • USB Drive Files Recovery software

    You can use feature rich USB Pen drive memory stick data recovery software for restoring as well as recovering and retrieving missing or lost data.
  • Transcend USB Drive Files Recovery

    Transcend USB Drive Files Recovery provides a powerful tool for all users. It can jump drive data retrieval software unformat deleted digital
  • Kingston USB Drive Files Recovery

    Download USB flash drive data recovery tool USB flash drive recovery solutions is created to provide easy retrieval for affected files and folders
  • Pen Drive Files Recovery Tool

    USB flash drive data recovery software recovers deleted MS Office documents including word, excel, power point, access files and application programs
  • Data Traveler USB Drive Files Recovery

    Flash media drive data recovery utility is an advance and read only software to regain back your inaccessible data and files folders containing audio
  • Recover Deleted Files From Hitachi Drive

    Recover Deleted Files from Hitachi drive - with hard drive recovery software. This program can recover deleted files from Hitachi drive and others:
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  • XFileClean

    Remove Temporary Files One of the leading causes of system crashes, speed and performance issues can be attributed to excessive Temporary Files and unwanted trash left onto the hard Drive by windows and other
  • Clear All History 4.7

    Clear History - Clear Internet history, delete search history, Clear Google history, delete toolbar history, delete Temporary Internet Files (cache), cookies, erase index.dat Files, delete recent documents, Google
  • PrivateSurf 2.10

    PrivateSurf has several features including the ability to Clear your Temporary Internet Files, browser history Files, cookies and cache. It can also block pop-ups and protect your homepage settings. It even features a
  • EasySystemCleaner 4.0

    With one simple click Easy SystemCleaner can: Erase Internet History Files Clear Cookies Wipe Temporary Internet Files Clear your Browser History Delete Recently played Movies in Mediaplayer
  • TeraSaver 1.0

    TeraSaver is an amazing product. It frees up your hard Drive. Many people do not realize that their hard Drive is polluted with Temporary and unwanted Files. These useless Files are wasting space on your hard Drive.
  • Free Clear History

    Free Clear History offers you a FREE solution to easily and securely Clear all traces of your online and offline activities, protecting your privacy and improving your system's performance. Both your browser and Windows
  • CDLX 2.0

    CDLX is desktop utility that offers users shortcut access to shutdown, logoff, restart, Clear documents list, Clear IE history, Clear Temporary Internet Files, empty recycle bins
  • Platinum Clear History

    Clear All Tracks of Your Online Activities and Computer Use No matter what you do with the computer: surf online or have other offline activities, the computer will log all your activities. This is very unsafe if others
  • Bulldog file shredder 1

    ulldog File Shredder allows deleting the history stored by windows, Internet Explorer and other application completely for security purpose. Bulldog File Shredder is a utility software which permanently deletes
  • Clear All History Portable 6.1

    Clear All History Portable provides the fastest, easiest, and most secure way to delete Internet and computer history tracks. The portable version of Clear All History can be installed and used on any kind of removable
  • Super Clear History

    Super Clear History, a powerful online and offline activity tracks cleaning tool, could quickly and completely Clear all history of your web browsing and other computer activities. Your computer tracks all activities
  • LCleaner 7.0

    LCleaner is a FREE tool to easily free up disk space From Temporary, unwanted Files, and clean system registry From unneeded registry keys. LCleaner can Clear system Temporary Files, user Temporary Files, Windows log
  • System Cleanup 1.7.501

    System Cleanup is an application that can help you get rid of unnecessary Files From your hard Drive, thus freeing up space. This is a portable product, so installing System Cleanup is not necessary. You can place it
  • Clear History Easy

    Clear History Easy could easily and permanently Clear all Internet history and other computer activity tracks From your PC, offering you a clean and safe computer use environment. Your computer tracks all activities you
  • Clear Duplicate Files 4.71

    Clear Duplicate Files - with the software, Recommended by Microsoft(R) Corporation as the best tool to Clear file duplicates From both home and office computers. Find duplicate Files, delete duplicate Files, remove
  • Hard Drive Washer 7.00

    Windows and nearly all other software that is installed on it produce Temporary data. These disk space consuming Files are used to remember personal data or user behaviour in the best case, but most of the time they only
  • DiskClean Deluxe 2.0

    Have a lot of junk Files around on your hard Drive? Most users do and don't even know it. Sure, hard Drives are big these days, but it's still just as easy to fill them up with junk Files as it was before. Your hard
  • Fretless Space Explorer

    Do you want to see the size of each of the folders on your hard Drive? Trying to clean up your hard Drive, but you don't know where to begin? Or just wondering what happened to all that disk space you used to
  • ICSWEEP 2.0

    ICSWEEP is a command-line utility to Clear the Temporary Internet Files Cache and/or the TEMP Files folder of ALL user ProFiles that are NOT in use when this command is executed. This utility was written for the purpose
  • The Broom! 1.6

    The Broom! enables you to Clear your Drives From unnecessary and Temporary Files. The program includes more than 220 file extensions, which enable it to scan and recognize most of the Files on your computer. It can
  • Internet History Washer 1.05

    The Easy Way to Clear Internet Surfing TracesNobody will ever find out:- What sites you visited - What you searched for - Your passwords - And to identify you as a repeat visitorTo ensure that, the program will Clear:-
  • Stop Sight 1.0

    Stop Sight is a utility to help keep your browsing private From immediate intrusion. If you have ever been in a situation where you are browsing Internet sites that are unsuitable for others to see or viewing Windows
  • Profile Cleaner 3.1.2965

    Profile Cleaner is a tool for users running Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 operating systems. It cleans up the following From the current user and other users (proFiles) residing on the computer. A new product
  • ClearAllHistory 7 1

    ClearAllHistory is a powerful utility that allows you to Clear your computer From Internet traces and other activity tracks including cookies, browser history, cache, Temporary Files, among others. The application
  • X-Ways Security 1.3

    The Shredder for the digital age. To protect your organization's confidential data or your personal Privacy, trust on X-Ways Security as a hard Drive cleansing solution. To maximize security, X-Ways Security offers up
  • WinClean 1.0

    WinClean is a powerful utility that can help you to find and remove unnecessary Temporary Files, so that you can free space on your hard Drive. WinClean also comes with a powerful search engine that enables you to find
  • IEHistoryX

    IE History eXpert is easy to use program will help you to find, view, selectively delete individual History URLs, Cookies, Cache Files or completely Clear Internet Explorer History, Cookies, Temporary Internet Files
  • Easy SystemCleaner 7 3

    Easy SystemCleaner is a software that helps you clean your pc. Easy SystemCleaner can clean: -Temporary Files, Cookies, Autocomplete Data, Saved Passwords, History,Typed URL's, Visited URL's, Toolbars Search
  • Clean Space Ultimate 2011.13

    This program is easy and professional tool to Clear history of visited web sites, Clear index.dat Files, remove cookies, cache, delete log Files, delete Temporary internet Files, autocomplete search history and other
  • Powerful Cookies 3.5.8

    Powerful Cookies is a safe and easy way to clean activity and History traces and securely delete online Internet tracks stored in your browser and in hidden Files. To protect your privacy and improve your system's